March 18th, 2010

Kymlun is a Story server: home of many interesting characters, each of which is a story of its own. However, the world, the setting is based on different, but organically connected storylines. It’s not a bad idea to know what’s going on out there. Think of Kymlun a series. So far we’ve had several plots which all add up to world lore, and the background itself (which wasn’t played out but written as a setting of its own) is separated to various of these Sagas.

The Creation Saga explains the origins of the world, the gods and the races, as well as answers some cardinal questions regarding special creatures such as planar subraces, dragons, or our story-specific species, the ghazakiin.

The Midnight Dawn Saga’s epic narrative explains the turn of events regarding the origins of the world’s most popular religion and its relations to the ghazakiin.

The Betrayer Saga speaks of what happened to the Smallest of Angels and his beloved brother,  most of which your character might not know but you might be interested in to learn about the setting.

Legacy of Stone explains what happened after the dwarven exodus and how their journeys changed the face of the world of Gaia forevermore.

The Curse War is one of the most widespread storylines in Kymlun, which is related to the undead, Hell’s agenda and the outcome. This is pretty much where the actual role play begins. For the past eight real time years people who play Kymlun have learned to fear the sentence “There is no sanctuary for the likes of you!” for a reason…

The Dragon Wars is the second player-involved storyline where you find a detailed description of what Kymlun’s dragons are. How the dragons were created, what their original purpose is and what they differ from the standard DnD dragons in.

The Orc Wars are an important part of Kymlun’s history. The fate of the elven and hin race is intertwined with the dark times when the orcish hordes left their putrid homes in hope of conquest.  The vile goddess Rabio and her workings are a constant peril to be reckoned with – while the revival of the Tribes by the high shaman Hishnak is one of the most touching stories of valour and self-sacrifice.

The Kabraxis Saga explains the fate of Kymlun’s greatest hero, Joshua Scarbo and his family. Josh is well known allover the land as the celestial blooded hermit whose prowess with the sword is only inferior to the strength within his heart.

Hellraiser is another planar-involved storyline which speaks of the setting’s own distribution of the layers of Hell, and introduces the youngest and newest arch-devil, new duke of the first hell, Asgaroth.

The Iscariot Saga speaks of an all new weapon turning out to have cut the wielder in favor of the one it was developed against. This is the shortest and most dramatic storyline in Kymlun, which further weaves the story of the two fallen angels and their plight, with the outcome not being so grim as it at first might look…

Babylon’s Rise and New Babylon is a storyline based on Kymlun’s ancient history and the return of the Bastion of the Planes. This is the current ongoing saga, from which we allow people from other planes to join the story.

CREATE YOUR OWN SAGA!Many characters have contributed greatly. Most of those names you can find in at least one of the sagas above, and more will be posted on this page that are worth mentioning! Remember, Kymlun is a story server and as such your character’s number one priority is to provide you, its player, with entertainment. While you’re at it you might as well leave a deep impression on the world, right?:)