October 26th, 2008

Getting Started



Welcome to the Legacy of Kymlun role playing realm in Neverwinter Nights! We have been on-line since 2002 with a solid player base and an ever-going story based on a unique setting of mystery and miracles!  Kymlun is about Role Play first and above all: a story module where your character is a story of its own! You do not need to worry about leveling up as our DM Team runs regular events and you will even be given XP for mundane RP.


Recently our setting has gone through major changes: welcome to Kymlun 2, the second era in the decade-long history of this ancient Neverwinter Nights RP server! Currently it is the year 8311 by the Domoritan Calendar, and the year 311 by the Iscarotian Calendar. We are reaching the end of three centuries of peace and heading towards an all new conflict…

KYMLUN2 is currently LIVE! 



STEP1: Download the files fromHERE. Kymlun uses the Community Expansion Pack (CEP2.3), a custom TLK file, a hak for classes, and the Kymlun_Main hak for which we credit Selinria and Scorchys. Custom content in our own hak is most of the up-to-date social content such as clothes, heads and other miscellaneous things. We are currently working on hak updates which will bring more content. Stay tuned! 😀


STEP2: Please visit our Forum and register your login. This is needed so that now that the Gamespy Server is down, we can make sure that nobody will log on and sell all your items or delete your characters. The forum also has additional information such as up to date rules and a list of events. Your forum login must match your nwn login because the forum name/password will be the one you use to log into the game server.


STEP3: You can find a lot of the information you might want to know HERE, it gives a good idea on how Kymlun works as a server. We recommend that you take a look at it at least once, just so you know what to count on. You could call them rules, but you’ll see when you read that we rather have such a thing for issues where you are not sure what to do: Most of it is common sense. There are some more simplified guidelines on the forum as well, and then of course the mechanics of the server HERE! (Mechanics page pending, coming soon!)


STEP4: Log in and have fun!