September 08th, 2009


We have a vast amount of scripted subraces. Things you can write into your Subrace field are listed below. Habitat and culture of kymlun races will be discussed another time as we progress with adding content to the website. Please note that these races have their own habitat, specifics and (preferred) appearance. Drow need to have dark skin and white hair, for example. Appearance does not differ from standard DND subraces, habitat might. Refer to the forums while we set this thing up.


STANDARD RACESPlease refer to the player handbook where needed.

Dwarf – Grey Dwarf / Duergar

Elf – Moon, Sun, Wood, Wild, Drow, Sea/Aquatic

Gnome – Rock, Deep/Svirfneblin

Halfling – Strongheart, Ghostwise, Lightfoot, Child*

Human – None

Orc – Gyumurkal, Shidenkal**

*Children cannot be powerful. Please type your race in the subrace field such as ElfChild, HumanChild, etc.

**Kymlun’s orc races are Greenskin and Whiteskin, two radically different subtypes of orc. Gyumurkal or Greenskin are savage barbaric and typically chaotic – neutral – evil, while Shidenkal or Whiteskin are tribal and totemic, typically on the lawful and the neutral axis of the alignment wheel, and may of course be evil.


PLANAR RACESThese species are only restricted by the base race you should pick for them for scripting purposes.

Abyssal – Any Demon qualifies. Must be Human, Elf or Half-Elf.

Celestial – Any Angelic being qualifies. Must be Human, Elf or Half-Elf.

Infernal – Any Devil and/or Hellish being qualifies. Must be Human, Elf or Half-Elf.

Shade – The dark denizens of the shadow plane. Must have dark skin. Must be Human, Elf or Half-Elf.

GithyankiMust be Human.

GithzeraiAstral knights of the Great Divide. Must be Human, lawful. Must have Iron Will and Lightning Reflexes feats.



Vampire Blood suckers require a forum application due to past bad experiences with people who like to ruin the fun of others.

Were~ Similarly, Werewolves, Werebears, and so on, require us to know you are good for it. Just avoiding morons.

Undead As said above.

And More! These are not the only subrace choices of course but the rest are a secret! We have easter eggs in there. Try your luck, maybe we have yours!