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February 06th, 2011

The One Rule to Rule Them All

I can already see your eyebrow arching at the title. Hee. Just to further confuse you, it’s not that we do not have any rules and anybody can do anything they like. While the latter is somewhat true, the former is hardly the case. Ten years of experience with the game itself, ten more outside of the game and then social studies and a whole lot of brainstorming made this little introduction to the world of Kymlun into what it is today. The Only One Rule is of course often referred to as Common Sense, Good Will, or Fairplay, but Kymlun actually has a phrase for this one.
The right kind of mindset to play Kymlun is that you want to role play a character, having fun with it, and sharing it with others while it does not demand the world, the setting, or anybody in the community to bend to your will.
This includes :
Common Sense which in this case means that “If there is one reason why you should be having fun, you should be going with that reason.”
Good Will which in this case means that “If there is one reason why you should be accepting, welcoming and supportive, you should be doing that.”
Fairplay which in this case means that “We are all here to have fun and share it with others so there is no reason to be an asstoad.”
People who break The Only One Rule are going to get publically pantsed and thrown to the hamsters. In extreme cases they will be privately asked to leave the server, sometimes with the suggestion that they should go and talk to their grannies about manners and a distinct headshake.

1.General Behaviour – What can be expected on kymlun
1.a.The One Rule explained
Mutual respect, please. We are all here to have fun. Fun is what is fun for everybody involved. Unpleasantness, spreading ill will, gossiping, and otherwise ruining the game for other people is not tolerated.
Usually first offenders will only be warned. But the harshness of punishment can go anywhere between level loss and even the loss of a character if need be. The bottom line is this: we do not want to do anything with anybody’s drama, fits and personality problems and as such, everybody should be playing to have fun. We are all human beings (hopefully) and as such, can have bad days, problems, make mistakes. It is best to always be understanding of one another and remember that we are all here to play a game and there is no good reason why another would intentionally ruin it for one another. Shit happens, and sometimes players can act in ways that do not promote good role play. It is not only the DM’s but the player’s responsibility to make sure such things do not happen.
If you feel angry, frustrated, or in generally a mood that may cause problems for yourself and others, go out and kill monsters, or log off and take a walk, or talk to somebody you know you can trust with your problems. Do NOT take it out on the community or your fellow players in ways that you may regret or ways that may offend others. If you have a complaint about something, calm down first and then post it in the forum Shoutbox. Make screenshots at all times. Posts that are flame-bait, insulting, or otherwise not of good sportsmanship are going to get deleted without discussion. In rare cases the moderators may edit your post, leaving only the discussed topic in the post itself, without the unneeded emotional content. Please be understanding of the community and do your best to be as welcoming and friendly as possible. And on a final note: Make sure that there is mutual consent to anything you would choose to play with one another.
1.b.DM Conduct
DMs have the last word. This is not because they are oppressive bastards but because they are the people running the place. The deal you make when you enter Kymlun is that you trust the DMs to do their part right, and allow them to trust you as well. For this purpose, manipulation and otherwise offensive behaviour towards the DMs falls into the One Rule’s categories. Please remember that Kymlun is a free service and as such, everybody who’s putting time and effort into managing and maintaining the server is doing so on their own time. Pestering the DMs is a big no-no. In turn for playing well, the DMs provide with more than just cosmetic aid in your role play. Please note that while DMs are generally around to enhance your experience, freedom is a major principle in Kymlun and thus you are the person who is primarily responsible for your own role play. That is to say: How far you get and how well you do on Kymlun depends on how well you conduct yourself IC and OOC as well. DMs may or may not be interested in settling disputes if need be, but we prefer our players to know how to behave and after ten years of coming and going we certainly have no problems with saying goodbye as a last resort.

2.Server Conduct:  – What can you expect on Kymlun
The server is for In Character role play. This could very well mean that “nothing is against the rules that comes from in character role play” be that Character Versus Character combat or intimate relationships. But it is not so simple: Because of all the intentional or non-intentional misinterpretations of written rules many often tend to come up with, we need to make it very clear that any manner of bullshitting simply falls under The One Rule and will be dealt with without delay. It is not quite true that “nothing is against the rules that comes from in character role play” because there are many ways to sugarcoat shit just to make it seem like a lollipop — you get the imagery here I’m sure.
Here come a few points to note that people have asked through out the years.
2.a.Playing Well on Kymlun simply constitutes keeping the role play IC, and the OOC friendly.
Good Role Play on Kymlun if there is such a thing, could be defined as staying IC with the character, but without creating unnecessary barriers for your own fun while doing so. It also constitutes some form of depth of character and personality but to be honest, you don’t need to be a psychologist to role play and have fun with it. An original concept is preferred as is the real name of your character, first and last if possible.
2.b.Forum Activity is optional as far as writing a bio goes, but the forum has always been a powerful medium in letting everybody know what’s going on, so we see no good reason why you should miss out. Certain concepts require a forum application, among them monster races, extraordinary characters, abilities such as telepathy, backgrounds that involve reputation or higher integrity insociety.
Why is the forum so important?
– A lot of IC posts are made here for people to know what’s going on in the world even if they missed something.
– This is where DMs and Players can discuss role playing ideas, plots and mechanics, pretty much everything about the game.
Kymlun is about personal involvement and characterisation, and for people who wish for greater immersion, becoming a part of the community is a good way to start. DM involvement has always been a major part of the server ever since the very beginning.

2.c.Stance on ERP as such is that you can. Behind doors, or somewhere it won’t disturb anybody. I understand that it’s fun to troll people by typing out sex scenes in the main square – if you’re twelve years old. But kymlun is for adult people over the age of 18 and if you can’t behave it, your behaviour will be the proof of your age. Just use common sense.
2.d.Similarly, building your character to be effective “Powerbuilding” is not a crime. Yes, you can save skillpoints on levelup. First relevel is free, every relevel afterwards will cost you five tokens. We don’t have any rules on how many classes you can get or what class you can or cannot multiclass. Instead, it will all have to be in character from the very first feat to the very last ability score. Putting this here because it could very well fit a FAQ – Yes, RDD has to be in character. No, you can’t take it just to increase your strength, you can do that with tokens.
2.e.PVP or more appropriately Character versus Character combat is fairplay. Go for mutual consent. No matter how tedious it is to read or spell this out even, but certain patterns of behaviour are simply implied consent to CvC and do not be surprised if some of the less friendly characters do not take kindly to being talked disrespect at. Complaints regarding CvC kills falls under the DM Conduct. Do not run back to take revenge, no “table tennis pvp”, not even with a different character, no. We may or may not be interested in hearing the story as it went but as mutual consent is the main rule and you can take screenshots otherwise, we will not pause the world to make justice especially if the whole issue is the typical “he’s such a bastard, he hit back!” crap. It’s tedious, if you can’t take it don’t PVP.
A separate section could also be IC conflict management, but I’m not trying to write a book here. I think we all get the picture that there are people on the other end of the connection too, they also like to win, so try and stick to concepts that don’t get you into conflict if you can’t take the friction.
2.f.Metagaming and its various forms, just don’t. Intentions matter so if you are sitting alone in Location 1 and there are people in Location 2 and it’s not some remote nook or cranny you can simply go over without actually being called out on Power-GPS’ing the party. Do NOT chase down players who do not want to be found. Remember, mutual consent and playing well and all that. Try to be sane.
2.g.Ultimately, keep it IC. Keep the In Character where it belongs and the Out Of Character friendly, and where it belongs too. If a character commits something let your character react to it. Remember that we are keeping it IC here and even if you suspect that another player had OOC behind what his or her character did, respond IC and by no means take anything unto yourself from the game. On the other end of the spectrum, if you did something IC that warranted an IC outcome, similarly as with PVP – do not whine OOC. Be a good sport, myes.
2.h.Keep it what it is: A game.

2.i. Addressing DMs
– When you address a DM, do so with respect.
You will get the same thing back.
– If you feel upset about something, try to reduce your predicament to facts. As much as some might care about your feelings, talking to a DM is not the place where you should be talking about how you feel but what has happened.
Example: Having had your greatsword pickpocketed may seem ridiculous, stupid, annoying, enfuriating, and the person doing it might be a son of an ogre, who knows over the internet… but still what a DM needs to know is who it was, how and when it happened, and if you have a screenshot.
– The way you put things, matters a lot. Stating facts is the way to go.

Things we do not discuss:
 – Complaints about what other players have. (So you think that Holy Avenger is zomgOP?)
 – Complaints about what level another player is.  (So you think he/she leveled fast?)
 – What class combination another player uses. (So you think that Rogues shouldn’t be Wizards?)
 – How another player plays their character. (So you think he’s more of a Fighter than a Mage?)
We really hate sour attitudes. Play well, have fun, get rewarded. End of story. (Stop whining, nobody cares! XD)

If behavior doesn’t appeal to you, rp with somebody else. As long as it breaks no server rules or common sense, anything goes.


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Kymlun is not for children or people under the age of 18. We are not responsible for what an under-age player may view over the internet.


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