Character Creation And -Management

October 26th, 2008

Character Creation

(And -Management) 



1. What can I play on Kymlun?


2. Creating a character


3. Character Management


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1. What can I play on Kymlun?


Kymlun is a Story Role Playing realm, with other aspects of the game (CvC, Social) in mind. High role play (or Immersive role play) means that you “imagine” yourself in the world, play as if it was all real with no Out Of Character in mind, only when necessary. Your character is a story you are telling, and if done right, it can be a rather epic one indeed. Our DM Team will help you with this if you need us to.The setting now allows for plane walkers, and various different species, giving a greater freedom to our players in general.


1.b. The general rule is that you can play anything that fits the following criteria:

– Does not demand the server and the people to bend to your will.

– Does not assume to get anything you don’t already have when you log in. (No, not even You!)


1.c. Kymlun’s setting is called Gaia and it is a fantasy setting.

The standard races do exist here and so do some of the so-called ‘ subraces‘ as well!

– For additional setting information, browse this site and the WiKi.

– Feel free to post your query on the forum if you’re not sure!


* * *


2. Creating a character


On Kymlun the DMs often take an active part in helping the players create a new character – do not be shy, we are here to help! Whether you decide to make one on your own or turn to the crew for help, please bear the following simple, yet handy guidelines in mind!



2.a. Male or Female?


Please remember that this is a role playing server. What your real life gender is, matters very little: most likely nobody will ask or care, but you are free to share otherwise. However, it’s not a bad idea to play your own gender if you are new to role play. Whatever the case, please keep “Social” role play behind doors, so to speak.


For our SMP customs, see HERE.


2.b. Naming your character


Character names show up the moment you log in and in the chatbox. Make sure to pick a name somewhat as if you were naming a pet or a child: the character will be stuck with it and you will have to look at that name every time you play!


– Different races have different naming conventions. If you can’t come up with a name, ask a DM!

– Make sure to check the background of a name before you give it. Naming a paladin Avarice or a feeble elven wizard Herakles might give people the wrong idea that you have no idea what you’re doing. Making sure that your character’s name is the right gender for example, is not a bad idea! 😀


Also note:


No Famous Names! Like Leeroy Jenkins. Also no anagrams of famous names. Such as Jeeroy Lenkins.

No Titles in the name! Titles are handed out by the DM Crew and are to be taken seriously. Somebody with the title Lord, Lady, Champion, etc. can be called by their last name even if your character has never met them. These people are well known in their area, or even worldwide!

No Excessive use of Special ASCII-Characters in the name! Simply put, ~*”-=Sephiroth=-”*~ and Gändálf43 are not acceptable. ßä$häł’@\/điik might look like a good name to you but Bashal’Avdiik is just as turban-wearing and a lot easier on the eye. This is not a suggestion. You may have one or two special characters in a name where warranted, such as Adäleid, Frédéric or Gređel, but put your creativity to good use elsewhere, please!

Quotes in the name (”) will not be allowed as it messes with scripts and people won’t be able to send you tells. You can use single apostrophes ( ‘ ), tilde (~) etc. if you must. But even in cases of remakes – you can delete your character, mind – a space in front of (or somewhere in) the name is enough to solve that name clashing problem.

No funnies! The DMs do enjoy good humour but please spare us the laugh on this one!

– Full Name is recommended. Though a last name is not a must, it is a custom and is advisable to use one.


2.c. Customizing your character


Please try to adhere to a race’s color scheme and try not to use heads with horns unless you have an IC reason. A character’s looks are just as important as the personality: a unique concept with a solid design can get you started rather well, even if you change the looks and develop the character as you go along.


– Your character’s looks are fully customizable. The Kymlun HAK file you need to download into your /nwn/hak folder contains more head and clothing appearance options, some of which are setting specific and most of which you may already have seen elsewhere on NWN.

– All the colors are available as well as most bigger settlements have their own tailory, hair-dresser and tattoo parlor, which add greatly to character modification. Additionally you can find all customization NPCs in the AFK zone.

– You are asked not to use third party programs as this is considered hacking.


2.d Character Numerics


Or STATS if you please. It can add extra flavor to role play if you try and play by your scores. Even if most people on NWN seem to neglect doing so, the DMs reward good interpretations more than those who play their characters as beautiful, sociable, well mannered and charismatic with 6 charisma!



Here is a guide on how to look at the numerics:


The higher your abilities are, the better you are at them, of course. This means that every character can have strengths and weaknesses, but also that you can decide to be mediocre at all of them.


10 in a score means you are average. That’s a 0 modifier, nothing special.

12 is a class A, stands for Above Average. That’s a +1 modifier, it does get things done.

14 and we’re looking at Remarkable. A +2 modifier is usually a good talent.

16 would be Marvelous. With a +3 modifier you are quite the asset.

18 is Exceptional as +4 modifiers make you rise above the norm.

20 would be where Dangerous begins. +5 is where legends are written.

And now that you are A.R.M.E.D with this knowledge, let’s get to work!


Here is a little guide as to which statistic means what in a role-playing aspect:


STRENGTH – Stands for physical strength and the ability to stand physical trials, to block attacks.

8 strength is weak, like a princess who never opened a door on her own in her entire life.

10 strength means an average human male’s strength who does not train himself.

12 is a carpenter’s strength who does use force in his work.

14 would be a hard physical worker.

16 you are looking at the average “strong guy” like a sportsman.

18 would be the professional weight lifter or olympic athlete.

20 and we have one of the strongest men alive, hands down.

Physical manifestation: Muscular bulk

Lack thereof: Thin, petite


DEXTERITY – How quick, nimble, punctual you are, dodging and evading also belongs to DEX.

10 dexterity means you can manage not to fall over in your own feet, nothing special.

12 dexterity would be a craftsman.

14 is getting there, you can easily juggle six different fragile objects without much risk.

16 would be an archer or fencer whose skill is quite formidable.

18 and it’s a circus acrobat, or rock climber.

20 would be a world champion stuntsman or acrobat.

Physical manifestation: Wired, nimble

Lack thereof: Misses a lot, trips, typical klutz that falls over in his own foot.


CONSTITUTION – Toughness, endurance, ability to stand pain, fortitude.

10 con means you will stand up from your computer chair eventually.

12 means you do take walks.

14 and you’ve been doing sports for all your life.

16 means those sports were not just anything either.

18 hey you just won the marathon last year.

20 and then went to win the olympics too.

Physical manifestation: Tough. Perhaps overweight, but at least well built.

Lack thereof: Wimp, soft


INTELLIGENCE – Represents your affinity to logics, NOT to common sense. Mathematical and practical knowledge as well as strategical sense and conductive ability belongs to this score.

10 int – highschool done and done.

12 – highschool with top grades.

14 – university completed.

16 – university with top grades.

18 – going for professor?

20 – Okay Albert, howzabout a haircut?

Mental Manifestation: Smart, logical

Lack thereof: Stupid, slow to understand


WISDOM – Represents your innate ability for perception, common sense as well as life experience and reasonable thinking.

10 would be the average adult.

12 is somebody who’s been through quite a bit by the time they turned 30

14 is an old man who’s seen a war or two.

16 and you’re talking a philosopher.

18 would be the wise priest you like to visit.

20 – sage. Like the Dalai Llama.

Mental Manifestation: Patient, considerate, tactful, insightful

Lack thereof: Impatient, rash, perhaps rude and quick to act.


CHARISMA – Represents personal air, self-confidence and the ability to lead as well as beauty, or how fearsome your evil sorceror is. The higher the score the more of the combination of mental and physical you have. With 12 cha you can claim to look good but you are shy as it gets, or have the self confidence but the looks of a stuffed moose.

Physical Manifestation:Attractive, desirable, in rare cases, fearsome.

Lack thereof: Unattractive, ugly.

10 – You look past.

12 – Take a second look.

14 – Okay, just cute.

16 – Hubba hubba!

18 – Stop drooling!

20 – Okay, you can drool just not on me…

Mental Manifestation: Self-confident, able to lead, perhaps haughty in lack of wisdom.

Lack thereof: Uncertain, shy

10 – Not much of a leader.

12 – Will speak up if needed.

14 – Quite the asset.

16 – Will make followers with little effort.

18 – Followers just happen.

20 – Praised and loved.


2.e. Classes, Multiclassing

We honestly don’t care what you do as long as you make sense. 🙂 DMs are active and you are going to be rewarded for being in character as much as you can. The only rule on Kymlun is common sense, believe it or not!



Multi-classing is not forbidden, and prestige classes are available.

Also, we have a phletora of subraces!



NOTE: Even if we do not force our views on alignments on players, there are certain things about them that are to be respected: Your own interpretation of your classes is always welcome and your own concept but it needs to be within certain boundaries. No Paladin level if you are not LG.  No Lawful demons, bards and barbarians. No chaotic devils. No monk level if you are not Lawful. And again: Kymlun is an In Character Story server, please make sure to play that way, and the DMs will support it. That is to say don’t take -for example- OOC levels in Wizard if you are planning to play an unintelligent character.


* * *



3. Character Management

Kymlun proudly presents the perfect character management system! You can delete your own characters as well as you are able to change your own description and to manage the looks and status of your own character. Of course there still are limitations as this is still an old game, but we are giving it our best!








Kymlun’s scripting team utilizes all the features of the game. (Thanks to Loreweaver and Dingo for this one.) This includes chat commands, such as changing your own examine field! You can do this anytime and anywhere, by typing the appropriate command to the dm channel.


/dm EX_EXPRESSION Lindra is as cheerful as ever!

/dm EX_APPEARANCE Lindra seems to be wearing extra makeup and her hair styled up today.

/dm EX_OTHER A dazzling young elven girl of adolescent age and exquisite beauty.

/dm EX_TITLE Lotus Disciple



EX_? WIPE – Wipes the last paragraph from said section.


EX_TITLE or EX_T – Can only be used by DMs. Giving characters titles this way is one of the role playing rewards you can get. Getting it added to your name field is the final glory: your fame (or infame as the case may be) precedes you, and people know you in your area, or perhaps all across the realm!


EX_EXPRESSION or EX_E – Can be set by yourself. Your character is asleep? Stuffing face for an hour or up on the tree and you don’t feel like emoting for everybody? Add it here!


EX_APPEARANCE or EX_A – Can be added by yourself. Leg in cast? Bandaged arse? Changed your earrings? Your face is muddy from the sand castle fight with Tammy? Let us know!


EQUIPMENT: Can only be added by DMs, but some items do it by themselves – if you are wearing the legendary Restless Feet or wielding the Storm Edge, the people who examine you will surely know!


EX_OTHER or EX_O – Can be added by yourself. This changes the original examine you have written at startup, and you will not be able to put in line-breaks this time. You can set several paragraphs by using the command several times, while EX_O WIPE will remove the last added paragraph.


* * *

We’ve integrated some new commands to give you a finer, and prettier, control over your biography! We won’t proclaim this is perfect, but the added tools provided here should make your life somewhat easier for both modifying your long term biography – and keeping it up to date for temporary matters!

As all other chat commands in Kymlun, these must be entered in the DM Channel

For those unfamiliar with Kymlun’s Biography System, here is a simple recap;

Your biography will be automatically seperated into the above fields.


Destiny, Title, Items : These are given to you by the system and can only be changed by a DM.

Expression : This is an easily, and quickly, updatable field that lets you show people around you what your character is currently doing, should someone walk into the scene. Better than having to retype that you’re lying on the floor, drunk, every time someone walks in!
Appearance : Just the same as expression, Appearance helps you keep an up-to-date reference of your current appearance, whether it be clothing and arms, or your general health.
Other : This is your ‘Real’ biography, and the one that has been given an overhaul and a sleuth of new tools.

EX_E [text]
This will set your Expression field to whatever text you put in! As this field is meant to be kept to one, simple, paragraph; this is the only command provided.
EX_A [text]
This will set your Appearance field to whatever text you put in! As this field is meant to be kept to one, simple, paragraph; this is the only command provided.

And now, the newly worked, EX_O Commands.
These work by maintaining a temporary biography, shown in your combat log, for you to work with – so you don’t risk damaging your hard worked biography that you already have until you are ready to save it!
Thus, below, when you see the words “REAL” Biography, that means we’re talking about the biography that’s actually on your character. If we say “TEMP” Biography; that means we’re talking about the one in your combat log. This should prevent confusion!

This will provide all of the information you see here, in a nice, handy, in game format!

EX_O ADD [text] (example: EX_O ADD This is an amazing example.)
This will add whatever text you put in to the end of your TEMP Biography.
In this example, it would add ‘This is an amazing example’ to the end of your TEMP Biography.

EX_O DELETE [###] (example: EX_O DEL 15.)
This will backspace the amount of characters entered, from the end of your TEMP Biography.
In this example, it would remove the last 15 characters of your TEMP Biography.

This will completely clear your TEMP Biography.

This will undo the last change you did to your TEMP Biography.

This will move your cursor to a new line of text; use this for pagraphs!

This will copy your TEMP Biography to your REAL Biography. Be careful with this! Once it’s done, it cannot be undone!

This will wipe all changes done to your TEMP Bio.

EX_O COLOR [RRR] [GGG] [BBB] (example; EX_O COLOR 030 125 250)
This will add a color tag to your biography, using the Red Green Blue values entered. There must be a space between each set of numbers, and each one must be 3 digits between 000 and 255.

This will ‘end’ the current color you’re working on, returning it back to ordinary white!

This will provide more information on how colors work!

Doing your bio in a word doc and then copy pasting is the best way to go about it by the way.

Also how do you remove text from the biography after you saved it?
[13:33:05] Glortor: ex_o wipe is said by a player not to work
[13:33:25] Dingo: As in, clear the entire thing?
[13:33:36] Glortor: the last thing added possibly
[13:33:41] Glortor: or just backspace it letter by letter even
[13:33:51] Glortor: but if clearing the entire thing is the only option that’s fine too
[13:33:55] Dingo: If she’s just saved her bio, any commands she uses will use the bio that was saved (so they don’t need to retype the entire thing)
[13:33:59] Dingo: So do ;
[13:34:03] Dingo: EX_O CANCEL (to clear the cache)
[13:34:14] Dingo: EX_O DELETE ## (to backspace x characters)
[13:34:53] Glortor: isnt that to the temp bio?
[13:35:35] Dingo: When there’s no temp bio, it copies the Saved bio into the Temporary bio (so you can work on it)
[13:36:20] Dingo: IF (Temp Bio = “”)
> Copy Real Bio to Temp Bio
[13:36:37] Glortor: I’ll add this to the info then.